It’s Time

I’ve had this blog and domain for months.  Initiated as an idea for creativity between myself and who I thought was a close friend.  She a writer.  Me a photographer.  Within the past month I’ve lost her.  And another dear being in my life.  Who meant more to me than he will ever know.  I hope one day he finds his way back, at least for a moment.  But for now it’s just me.  People are just as fleeting as light, it seems.  So you make the best.

I want, no need, to find meaning in myself right now.  So I will take on all.  Writer.  Photographer.  Liver of life.

I’m notoriously terrible at maintaining things.  I’ve tried blogs before but drifted away…once it’s mastered in my mind, it’s mastered.  And dies.  I feel now is a time, however, to try to keep at it.  A connection with consistency.  A much-needed expression.  A chance at healing.

The name of this blog comes from a Facebook post I made almost four years ago now.  At a very poignant time in my life…with a lot of change, a lot of realization, a lot of transition.  Chasing a sunset in St. Louis, MO.  As follows:

Chasing light…

One thing about photography is that you learn how fleeting a moment actually can be, how quickly things can change. What you see and what is can change in a second…perhaps leading to something else beautiful and wonderful but not what was before. Light is ever-changing, no moment is the same. Enjoy it all

So this blog will be me.  The happy times.  The hard times.  My writing.  My photography.  My life.  Welcome.